Utopian Alpacas

Pashminas and Scarves

Natural Shibori felted Alpaca Scarf

This scarf was felted using the shibori technique, producing an individual and unique scarf, that has a 3D effect design.
This scarf is 80% suri using Rose's fleece, with 20% Huacaya.

Approximate length of scarf 38" x 13"

Available in a range of natural colours

From £65.00

Two tone 100% Alpaca Hand woven Pashminas

Hand woven pashmina using 100% alpaca fleece. Creating a unique and luxurious item.

Light/fawn brown

Approximate length of scarf 61" x 14"


Hand woven alpaca pashmina, with intricate design in dark brown.

Approximate length of scarf 66" x 15"


100% woven suri in natural white

Hand Felted 100% Alpaca scarf

Hand felted scarf using 100% alpaca fleece, producing a warm and soft scarf.

Approximate length of scarf 53" x 14"

Available in a range of natural colours such as caramel, dark brown, white etc

From £65.00

Nuno Felted Alpaca and Silk scarfs

Nuno felted silk with 100% alpaca scarf. Creating a visually enticing scarf, that is soft, strong and warm.

Approximate length of scarf 51" x 10"

Available in a range of colours

From £65.00
Please contact us for our latest range of scarves before placing your order, each piece is uniquely made using the techniques as stated above, and please therefore allow for variances in colour and size.